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Hero Dogs is a book of canine courage published in association with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Crufts ‘Friends for Life’. Amongst the stories are that of Gander, the Newfoundland mascot of the Royal Rifles of Canada who received a posthumous award for saving the lives of Canadian infantrymen during the Battle of Lye Mun, Hong Kong in 1941. Mike Dewar and Echo, the search and rescue dog who has worked in Haiti; and the team hearing dog specially trained to work with a congenitally deaf child and her family. There are stories of police dogs, search and rescue, border agency dogs and of course stories of hearing dogs who have changed the lives of deaf children, adults and their families. This is a tribute to so many of Man’s best and bravest friends.


'Dogs are our best friends and companions.  They work hard to please us and give us boundless, unconditional love.  They are also, as you will discover on reading this book, capable of quiet heroism.  I hope that these stories of heroic dogs will uplift you and move you, as they have me, and that you will find their deeds inspiring'. Ben Fogle from the foreword


Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a UK national charity and centre of excellence, which trains dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals.


The author is donating all royalties from the sale of the first impression of this book, net of tax, to the Charity and 90% of subsequent impressions.




Janet Menzies is a professional author and journalist who works spaniels. She is a gundog correspondent for The Fieldand writes a monthly column on gundog training for the magazine. She has since made up three Field Trial Champions, notably with FTCh Gournaycourt Morag, placed twice at Cocker Championships. Her previous Quiller title includes the successful Training the Working Spaniel(978-1-84689-070-3).



"Hail the hero dogs - as a new book reveals, inside every dog is a hero waiting to get out.  Janet Menzies shares some remarkable tales of fearless devotion and bravery..."  The Lady 

"As well as tear-jerking and admirable true-life tales gracing the book's pages, there are lots of clear and colourful accompanying images...  A brilliant tribute to some amazing dogs which makes you appreciate just how wonderful and unique these animals are."  10 out of 10 Your Dog

"The author, Janet Menzies, is donating all royalties from the first impression of this book to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and supporting this remarkable charity is reason enough to buy it. The 'Best Friends in Burgandy Coats' have been helping deaf people for over 30 years and their behaviour and the support they offer changes lives in extraordinary ways.  The charity has paved more than 1,600 hearing dogs since it began in 1982, and there is an increased demand for these exceptional canines. The book does not just focus on hearing dogs.  There are chapters on pet dogs and their 'Lassie' moments, search-and-rescue dogs, dogs honoured for their bravery on the front line. From dogs awarded the Dickin medal for services rendered at the World Trade Centre site to those which helped after the Haiti earthquake, it is hard not to feel awed by these special animals and their silent heroics".  The Field

"This book is sure to uplift anyone with a warm heart, particularly if you're a dog lover".  Scottish Field

"A gem of a book with a real human/dog story to tell.  One hundred and twenty pages that are full of anecdotes complimented by superb photographs, many in colour, this is a book for all ages."  Our Dogs

"A wonderful book of canine courage."  Dogs Today

"This beautifully illustrated book is full of moving and inspirational stories of gallant canines."  Kennel Gazette

"Fascinating new book Hero Dogs demonstrates the loyalty and devotion of man's best friend."  Favour

"The book is full of wonderful pictures and stories of heroic dogs."  Countryside

"With three dogs of my own, I love tales of canine courage, and this book is packed with them.  When you keep dogs purely as companions, it's easy to forget what amazing feats they are capable of and, as this book explains, that can be anything from working with search and rescue teams to serving on the front line with the Armed Forces.  The royalties from this book are being donated to Hearing Dogs for Deaf people - reminding us of another example of the capabilities of man's best friend when given specialist training.  But what about ordinary household pets?  They, too, can be heroes.  There are amazing stories in here and they are well worth a read." Country Smallholding

"A new book has been published to celebrate the role dogs play in lives of people in need.  Hero Dogs contains moving accounts of dogs which have shown tremendous courage and companionship to their owners, including people with a hearing loss."  Hearing Link Matters

"A touching tribute to man's best friend... What is extraordinary about most of the 'Lassie moments' described here, is that the dogs are working on their own initiative.  Many of the owners comment that the dog just seemed to know what to do all on its own."  Chew Valley Gazette

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